LIBOR transition


Announcement of preliminary accounts: technical Q&A for firms

Questions and answers relating to the moratorium on the publication of preliminary financial statements

Short positions daily update

Download the latest spreadsheet of short positions disclosed to us (XLS)


Statement on short selling bans and reporting

The SSR provides EU regulators and FCA with power to apply short or long-term bans on short sales in shares, and certain other financial instruments.

Primary Market Bulletin

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Newsletter for primary market participants

Market Watch

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Newsletter on market conduct and transaction reporting issues

The effectiveness of primary markets

See our work as part of our commitment to review the structure of the UK’s primary markets to ensure they continue to serve the needs of issuers and investors

Availability of information in the IPO process

Measures intended to improve the range, quality and timeliness of information that is available to investors during the UK equity IPO process.